Headlight Mask Café Racer

We couldn’t design a Café Racer without a classic mask. The character of this motorcycle urged us to design a classic mask ,very much like the ones worn by competitors and their fans in the 50’s, but adapted to a modern motorcycle. This product will help you enhance the classic look of your motorcycle. Although designed for the Continental GT 650, to our great surprise, we discovered it can also be used on the Interceptor 650 as well, without inhibiting the steering wheel and being aesthetically pleasant. It’s made of a 3mm thick ABS plastic, in matte black color – not dyed – and its lamination is of transparent Plexy (Crylix, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, Perclax and Perspex). Inside the installation package you will find detailed instructions and photos along with the necessary parts for installment. You can also find the instructions on the products webpage and you can contact us for any further help.

material: ABS plastic

Product Attachment