Café Racer Seat with Stop Light

A genuine Café Racer can only be a single seater with a hood on its back end. Always having in mind an easy fitting without any modifications, we designed and built a seat for the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 in the shape and spirit of this motorcycle. It can also be used on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 requiring no tools for its installation.

At the rear part of the seat you will find a tail light opening which you must dye before installing the tail light. It’s made of two pieces joined together, of a 3mm thick ABS plastic, and it’s in matte black color, undyed; the parts are already fitted. The seat is made of leatherette and of a 20mm thick foam.

The design here in this case also took precedence over comfort since it’s not a seat recommended for very long trips. It’s not a 100% waterproof due to the seams on its upper surface, but it has membrane that can hold the water off the main body of the foam.

Inside the installation package you will find all the detailed instructions which are also on the webpage of this product.

Seat foam thickness: 20mm

material: ABS plastic