Rear Fender with Stop Light

This is the most complicated part of the two projects. The taillight in its original form is rather large; we didn’t like it so we decided to replace it, but along the way we realized that this could not happen without any modification. We wanted our products to be bolt on, so we decided to remove everything from the rear part of the motorcycle and design everything from scratch; we tried to keep it as ‘tidy’ as possible and do it  in such a way so that it can be used on both models without any modifications. So, we built a new rear fender, shorter in length than the original, so that the rear part of the motorcycle would be more open. 

A new plastic cover of the OM metal support bracket that holds the stop light has been designed in order to fit a new stop light (ECE approved) for the Interceptor 650 scrambler.

We also designed two different flashlight bases, while keeping the plate holder, so that you can have the option to use the type of flashlight you prefer, the original or any other type. The plastic parts area all made of a 3mm thick ABS plastic in matte black color and the metallic parts are made of iron, dyed with electrostatic paint. Inside the installation package you will find all the necessary parts along with detailed instructions and rich photographic material which you can check out on our webpage in a PDF format. We are always available to answer all your questions and assist you in any way you may need

material: ABS plastic

Product Attachment