Scrambler Seat

Many motorcyclists want to enjoy their motorcycle without a passenger.  This product was designed for the bikers that fit into this category. It gives a completely different look to the bike, making it look longer. You can easily remove the original seat and install the new one without the use of any tools and without any modifications. Although designed for the Interceptor 650, it can also be installed on the Continental GT 650.  It’s not a very comfy seat as in this specific project style takes precedence over comfort, but you will be able to go for short rides unless you are a hardcore driver that wants to go all the way. Its base is made of a 3mm thick ABS plastic and it has a 40mm foam with a density of 800 kg/cubic m. it’s not a 100% waterproof due to its seams on the upper surface, but it has a membrane that does not allow water to reach the body of the foam. The metal parts that snap the seat on are made of Inox and they are already mounted by us. It’s a nice gift for an alternative looking seat, always keeping the original depending on the use you will make of your motorcycle. The C-Racer team is here to help you with anything you may need.

Seat foam thickness: 20mm

material: ABS plastic